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The Next Harpoon

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20 APR 2009[edit]

We've shipped 3.9.4, and are in limited beta on 3.10. Our development team has been reconstituted and we have started designing the features of TNH in parallel with debugging 3.10 and planning 3.11.

TNH will use the Harpoon 5 miniatures rules, it will use a new graphics library that supports multiple displays and full mouse capabilities. The Pro version will feature a growing number of API's to allow our customers to roll their own interfaces.

Time and money are our challenge, as always.

15 NOV 2006[edit]

On the eve of shipping 3.7.3 to our loyal Matrix fans, we are thinking and working hard to consolidate the feature lists for 3.8, 3.9 and later versions on the path to TNH. Based on the probable name of the updated and expanded table top rules, it may be possible that our product will be called something related to the paper product. I've requested Harpoon 5 but that is up to Larry and Chris!

Due to our small size we will be doing lots (2-3/year) releases on the way to TNH. The key feature that defines TNH will be limited and appropriate 3D visualization for selected situations where 3D makes sense and adds value. Our current intention is to provide the "point releases" to Matrix H3 ANW customers for no charge for as long as possible. If sales are steady then we can continue to expand the game on the way to TNH.

15 JAN 2005[edit]

We have started collecting all of our specifications and requirements into a single online repository, another (secure) Wiki like this one.

In addition, work is being done on the existing products to move them in the direction we need to go in order to truly "stir the pot", brew and simmer the best possible product. The best thing is that everyone benefits now, today, with free or low cost updates as we build momentum towards TNH.

Of course that takes real money, and to that end shipping our MP and PRO products are essential.

Unlike many other publishers, we will not promise dates we can't make, nor will we show pretty pictures and then figure out how to code it true. Rather, we are taking an Engineering approach to build upon our existing assets, while a simultainous effort is underway to evolve the GUI to a realistic, useful, and effective gaming experience.

Larry, Chris, Jesse, Darrel, Tony, Brett and I do not believe in glitz for the sake of glitz. If we did, you'd have Harpoon 4 in your hands today. You know how strongly we believe in the Harpoon experience. We know how special this product and this community are.

01 MAY 2004[edit]

The Harpoon Admiralty and supporting Senior Staff are exploring all options for creating "The Next Harpoon" (TNH). The constraints are of course, people, time and money. While there has been some interest from commercial publishers in the game, we will depend on an in-house development effort for the near term.

TNH will combine the best features of the entire Harpoon family, as well as adding new capabilities. TNH will be a faithful computer implementation of the print Harpoon 4 rules set.

The Harpoon community will continue to be a vital part of this effort at all levels. The community will be invited to bolster the efforts of the paid, professional team. Selected members of the community will be invited to work more closely with the development team based on their skills, knowledge, and attitude.

The existing products will be maintained (and expanded) during this extended development period and their legacy will be clearly evident in the TNH product. We will continue to offer discounts to our loyal players when purchasing new products.