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Welcome to the Advanced Gaming Systems Inc. wiki, an online repository for the Harpoon series of naval simulations! Please take a look at the "about this wiki"-page to see what this Wiki is about and how you can help us by contributing to this effort. The FAQ and HELP pages will fill in many gaps as well.

Harpoon is the name of a comprehensive series of naval warfare games developed intially in minatures form by Larry Bond in the late 1970's and moved to computer format in the early 1980's. Several different Harpoon Products are currently available.

Harpoon 3 ANW

Harpoon 3 ANW Version 3.11 Beta Released Oct 2011 as a FREE update to Matrix's Harpoon Ultimate Edition (v3.10).

Harpoon 3 Resources

Harpoon Commanders Edition

Harpoon Commander's Edition

AGSI wishes to announce that with the help of the HarpGamer crew we have wrapped up Harpoon Commander's Edition! The new release features lots of polish to the unofficial updates that we've posted since 2005, the HCDB database and 6 new WestPac scenarios. We've also polished the UI a bit with new graphics, pictures and sounds! many new features and improvements and is published by Matrix Games.

Harpoon Classic Resources

  • Harpoon Classic - A continuation of the original Harpoon computer game updated for new changes in the game engine.

Manual Sections

Harpoon 3 Professional

What is H3 MilSim?

H3MilSim is another development of the Harpoon 3 game engine, which has extensive changes made to it for use by the defence industry. It is not available to the general public and will be published by AGSI. If you are interested in implementing Harpoon 3 Professional in your organization please contact the AGSI sales department at [1]

H3 MilSim Resources

The Next Harpoon

What is TNH?

The Next Harpoon (TNH) will be the next incarnation in the Harpoon series of naval warfare simulations. This product is currently in the very early stages of design and development and will combine the best of Harpoon 3 and Harpoon Classic to bring Harpoon into the new milennium.

Miniature Harpoon

What is Miniature Harpoon?

Harpoon 4.1 is the current generation of minatures rules.

Purpose of this wiki

This is the public AGSI-wiki. It is a place for the Harpoon community to share insights and information into the harpoon series of naval simulations. With your help and contributions we hope that it will become a prime source of information, insights and support for the harpoon community. For more information on how to contribute please take a look at What is this wiki.

Copyright Clarifications

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