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Harpoon 3

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Harpoon 3 is the vastly improved Windows (Windows XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit) and Mac (OS and OSX) version of Harpoon II.

Harpoon 3 for PC was released in mid-February 2002 while Harpoon 3 for Macintosh was released back in 2001.

At version 3.7 Harpoon 3 became Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare. In June of 2009 the game is at version 3.9. The Macintosh version remained at v3.6.2. A professional military version became Harpoon 3 Professional.

ANW is the most complex, most realistic and most accurate strategy-simulation of air and naval operations available to non-military users today. The simulator is being actively supported and maintained by the developer and the community, and new upgrades, features and scenarios are released on a regular basis. A comprehensive User Guide of Harpoon 3 is being build on this Wiki. The simulator contains a myriad of new features and bug fixes too numerous to mention all.

  • A new installer is available for Version 3.7 of both SP and the forthcoming MP products. It allows you to easily edit the Harpoon3.ini filewith a click of the mouse.



All product codes for H3 start with, oddly enough, H3.

The third letter indicates the product family:

  • C for Commercial products
  • D for DIS products
  • P for Pro products
  • R for the Reimer editor

The fourth letter indicates the product function:

  • A for single-player application
  • C for Multiplayer Client
  • D for Database Editor (superset of Scenario Editor)
  • E for Scenario Editor
  • S for Multiplayer Server


  • H3RE - Harpoon 3 Reimer Editor
  • H3PS - Harpoon 3 Professional Server
  • H3CA - harpoon 3 Commercial Single Player (H3 Advanced Naval Warfare - Single Player)