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Features are in bold.

It's about Darren[edit]

Because we wanted to do something more concrete than giving a nod to Darren. We've connected with the Diabetes Research Foundation with the goal of raising $500 in Darrens' name. Here is the link: Donation & Download Link. This is also where the download link is located. Please consider making a small ($5.00 USD) donation in Darren's Honor.

ANW v3.11[edit]

This release is mostly about upgrading the H3MilSim branch to provide for real time integration with STK.

However, Rusty also enhanced boarding actions with min/max values (so a zodiac isn't going to attack a destroyer) and adding boarding to the victory conditions. About a dozen bugs were squashed.

Latest download link[edit]

Updated 2012.12.26 DRG

ANW v3.11 released: -- available on the Matrix forum/download site

H3 ANW v3.11 Relased December 2012[edit]

  • 0003066: [GE] Reoccuring crash while running a scenario (Russell) - resolved. (B6)
  • 0003059: [Mission] ASuW mission not defending against incoming air threats (Russell) - resolved. (B5)
  • and we now have a regression test database for future smoke testing...

H3 ANW v3.11 Beta 4 ( (Released 2011-09-29)[edit]

  • 0002875: [VCR] Cannot playback VCR - resolved.
  • 0001240: [UI] Load VCR Dialog Titled "Error Has Occured" - resolved.

H3 ANW v3.11 Beta 3 ([edit]

  • 0003063: [Boarding] Added Unit Possession VC - resolved.
  • 0003056: Bug in "in game editor" - resolved.

H3 ANW - H3Cx - 3.11 Internal[edit]

  • 0003032: [Simulation] Boarding helicopters would possibly enter case where navigation will be repeatedly requested without waiting for an answer - resolved.
  • 0003055: [Boarding] Boarding events would not load load properly leading to no boarding accomplished - resolved.
  • 0003050: [UI] Shift select is non-functional - resolved.
  • 0002860: [ANWDB] Scenario database signature does not match - resolved.
  • 0002790: [ScenEdit] Magazine Overfill messages generated during Batch Rebuild, do not write to the AA_Log. - resolved.
  • 0002930: [Data] Default harpoon3.ini file doesn't take into accout new Resource Files - resolved.
  • 0003029: [Mission] Default Mission sensor variances. - resolved.
  • 0003054: [Mission] Aircraft on AAW Patrol would cruise at too low of an altitude - resolved.
  • 0003053: [UI] Zoom windows would load with their aspect ratio off - resolved.
  • 0003051: [Boarding] Add min and max attack ratings for boarding candidates - resolved.
  • 0003035: [ScenEdit] Batch Rebuild causes crash - resolved.


The production copy of HUD4.1 has been released! Many thanks to Gunny and Harold who built on the work of Darren Buckley.

From Gunny:[edit]

HUD4 is the sequel database of HUD3, maintained by Darren Buckley, who passed away 29th of July 2011. In a tribute to Darren's long and tremendous committment to Harpoon series, decision was made to go on with Darren's work. François "Gunny" Guérin from France, assisted by AGSI team and Larry Bond, has taken the responsibility for what is now HUD4. Harold Hutchison and Mark Gellis from the United States joined in platform suggestion and inclusion. Doug Reese and Ralf Koelbach provided their experience as testers and scenario designers, and the "HUD4 team" is also thanksful to Dale Hillier for his technical assistance. HUD4 vastly expands HUD3's number of platforms in a 1980es + period. New feature brings a beginning in mine warfare, even if code's limitation makes it's a bit complicated to simulate. Troops abilities have been also been worked upon. Future plans include sub-versions of different ships to reflect them in different configurations and also permanent matches with Harpoon rulesets' evolutions as they become available. In accordance to HUD3's legacy, focus is placed on maximum realism level.

Fixes: many issues on sensors (active type with no RD value, Offensive ECM behaving as Defensive ECM, directors without Max Tracks...), weapons (altitude/speed envelopes modified), loadouts (comm mismatches with launching planes), ships and subs: mismatches between mounts and magazines. New platforms: sub-versions for some ships (French Tourville class), subs (Providence sub-Los Angeles class) and aircraft (JSF), new real-life ships (Lewis & Clark class, FREMM frigates for France, Italy, Morocco and Greece, KDX-III for Korea), future projects (French BRAVE future replenishment ships). Some fictional platforms such as the Type 48 destroyer for Royal Navy, Vladimir Putin and Catherine the Great classes of cruisers for Russia and many other

New features in 1.11:

Brings the account of ships to more than 1000, in comparison to the 800 one year ago. Many new ships, as per requested by Mark Gellis or added by Harold. Other point of attention was the weapons-ships relationships, some weapons had no communication with launching ship, so they would never fire, even they were in range. Mostly ASROCs were affected.

New features appearing in 1.1:

  • Many nations have now paratroopers (US, Russia, Germany...)
  • Some elite forces (UK SAS) added
  • New target type: mines --> will eventually lead to mine sweeping actions
  • Extra platform added: handfuls of ships, helos, aircraft and new subs.

Revised v311

From Don:[edit]

As you may know the "HUD" has been the combined effort of many many developers over years. As indicated in the section header, many Harpoon luminaries have had a hand in the development of this database. In fact, it sourced other databases out there, usually without attribution. Regardless, HUD3 was very close to being finished when Darren Buckley suddenly died as a result of his longstanding battle with Diabetes. Gunny has taken up the charge and here he presents the first beta release of the HUD4 database. We were going to rename the database in Darren's honor but cooler heads prevailed and we are dedicating it to Darren and the other contributors.