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H3 ANW Badge


Harpoon 3 v3.10 is a major new release that focused on adding features while continuing to flush out remaining defects. Note that this list is provisional upon release of ANW. The H3MilSim product has additional features in v3.10.


The game is no longer available as we are in final builds for release of v3.10. The Demo will be available off our AGSI website.

Known Issues[edit]

3.10.0 Gold Release[edit]


The following are changes in Harpoon ANW since 3.9.4


  • Mantis Documentation [1]. Access is currently suspended due to some bad actors in the Community.



H3RE Database Editor v3.10[edit]

  • Changed numbering to match Game Engine
  • New flags. The "Narrowband Sonar" flag has replaced the "Limited Surface Search" flag. Any radars that had this flag set now also have "Narrowband Sonar" displayed as a capability. Reported on Gold 3.10.0 which was not released.
  • Nomenclature note. In the Game based editor: "H3CD" There is a flag called "Aircraft Load Override", in H3RE it is called "Reverse Load Logic".

Tech Detail Updates[edit]


  • Fuel Consumption Dale Hillier
  • HUD3 Base Damage Model Darren Buckley
  • HUD3 Group Threat Darren Buckley


  • Revised Sonar Model - forthcoming (H3 MilSim customers please contact AGSI for a copy)

V3.10 FAQ[edit]

FAQ notes have been added to the top of each relevant FAQ section. Harpoon_3_FAQ

V3.10 Manual Errata[edit]

Here is the errata for the manual. It includes corrections, some amplifications, and other notes.

V3.10 Tutorial Errata[edit]

Revised v310